Real Estate Burlington VT

Whether you’re a real estate agent or looking to buy or rent, the real estate market can be overwhelming if you do not have a basic understanding of the aspects of real estate. In the articles that follow, you’ll learn real estate terms, basics, and fundamentals.

Crunching the HOA Numbers Burlington VT

Fall is the time when most homeowner associations go through the ritual of counting last year’s cost and crunching next year’s numbers hoping to squeeze blood out of the community turnip. While the well is often dry, or close to it, crunch you must. Here are some of the ways to make the cash flow more freely.

Online Real Estate Auction Burlington VT

It’s no secret that more people are buying more products through online auctions, and real estate is no exception. Large numbers of homes in Burlington are still sold through traditional methods, but for today’s buyer and seller there’s much to like about online auctions.

Real Estate Appraisers & Consulting Services Burlington VT

In an economic landscape that is unpredictable at best, obtaining financing for multi-million-dollar land/homes packages has become almost impossible feat for many luxury buyers seeking to build their dream home. The developer of Colorado's luxury community Tessa Mesa outside Castle Rock is looking to change that with a rare financing package that lets buyers secure their estate site now and postpone the building process until market conditions improve.

Things Not to Forget on Moving Day Burlington VT

It's not unheard of for moving companies to neglect to load some items, so before they leave, make sure you go through the house to ensure everything's on the moving van.